Work in private with Master Photographer Scott Joshua Dere for a full day of instruction in the field privately exclusively. A one-on-one instructional day ensures the best learning experience possible. This daily seminar is catered to those nature photographers who seek professional level training to increase technical ability and knowledge of the camera, lighting, and composition while working on making the sharpest images in the field.

"When I teach Photography it's always about the tools, techniques and knowledge of theory. The objective is to always supply my students with the most valuable information and hone their skills so they can obtain the best photograph from given situation. What I love most about Wildlife Photography is the adventure that goes along with traveling to a new destination and coming home with exceptional photographs and stories of the experience for all to admire. The goal however, is to become apart of the natural world. Breathe the clean air, listen to the sounds of the earth in the most solitude of locations, and to feel what its like to journey into the unknown in a attempt to become one with natural earth. Only then can I photograph the animals as residents of the land and as the soul of my art".

EXCLUSIVE One-On-One "The Art of Photographing Nature".

Location: TBA

Price: $300.00/Day

Start: 06 Nov 2017

topics covered

Direction of Light, and Spot Metering

Reading a scene for composition

Camera Settings


Focus and Tracking

Histogram understanding