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Framed Photograph

Is an amazing way to display and present art work by offering the cleanest, most simple display and modern look. This image display provides dimension and appears to "float" from the wall. This versatile display option is sure to match any room or office decor. The image is printed on Fujiflex Crystal Archive fine art material. Fujiflex is the finest available in terms of color, print permanence and surface. The smooth and reflective qualities of the paper make the fine art print appear almost three dimensional. This supreme durability makes these prints a primary choice of museums throughout the world. Fujiflex prints offer the best archival qualities of any photographic material available today. The printed image is permanently adhered to a rigid sheet of clear acrylic that creates a "wet" look and deep colors that only this process can provide. The contemporay museum mount offers enhanced image viewing because there is no longer an air barrier between the photograph and the acrlic protecting the print.

Framed canvas print

Is the preferred display option for those who enjoy fine art prints with a "painterly" quality. The textured Artist Canvas creates an amazing look and brilliant colors. The versatile display option is sure to enhance any room or office decor. The Canvas print is a standard in the art industry and is widely embraced for its astonishing quality by major museums, galleries, publishers and artists. The latest inks offer more than 80 years light fastness and UV-resistance under museum archival condtions. For even better performance, we coat all our Wrapped Canvas Prints with a layer of anti-fading UV protective clear satin glaze. The image is printed on Artist Canvas, which is a 100% acid free, double-weave cotton/polyester blend canvas characterized by superior image quality, excellent color brilliance and tonal range, saturation, and resolution. Artist Canvas is an exellent choice for fine art reproductions and high resolution photographic displays. The printed image is wrapped on a sturdy, internal wood frame. The edges of the wrap are toned down, insuring full frontal view of the art work. The image comes ready to hang on a wall.

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